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Hello, visitor! We are Constitution Party Illinois – an informational source about the United States Constitution. We are writing and posting material connected with the supreme law and all modifications for the state of Illinois. We think that knowing about the most important document in the history of our country isn’t enough. You have to understand what’s written there, know who, when, and why signed it. Every American has to know that, do you agree?

If you’re from another country, you may be interested in the influence the American Constitution had worldwide. Many countries took it as the main example, and who knows, maybe your country did so too.

Our team of writers are experts. They choose the best facts about the Constitution, adapt them for an average reader, and write an article without losses in sense. So in case you forgot something or want to learn more about any of the main seven articles, surf this website.

In case you’re interested in any of the amendments, approved or pending, you may also find some information about it here, on our website. We will also post many interesting facts about the Constitution. Do you know how many pages does the original document include? And where are all the amendments written? What words does the document start with and why? You will know this and much more if you become our reader.

In case you have anything to tell us, whether a complaint, an article topic suggestion, or a question about any article already posted, don’t hesitate and contact us right away! As an informational source, we exist to answer your questions with useful information, so we will be happy to reply to some extra inquiries.

Now, as we introduced ourselves, you can decide whether you want to become our reader. If you do, welcome to the website, it’s nice to see you here!

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